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Today is a sad day in the history of Lubi's Hot subs. For our store #4 A1A, after 16 years, will be serving our Lubi Lover customers for the last time, on Saturday March 5th, 2011. The economy has beaten us down. Hard to compete with 99 cent specials. Even though by the time you buy enough to eat  and the other items you want to complete your meal, you're still spending about $7 to $10 on a meal. The thing that hurts Lubi's the most is we refuse to go to frozen fatty foods, we want you to have fresh products every time not ever frozen. But, Quality increase cost have risen beyond the return of the products sale price, among other over head cost that have sky rocketted. I know my brother Nic is taking this hard, to be closing down the A1A location, for that was always his dream to have one at the beaches, for the customers over the years we've grown to know and have, to make it closer to them for travel purposes. For our favorite drink the "cherry limeade" has been affected by the freeze and when we can get those juicy fresh limes, the're costing us an arm and a leg, so to say. My mother started LUBI's in 1969, as a hobby, when Nic and I were in our young teens, not to be some rich corporation making money off the people to have a lavish life. Just enough sales to keep the unique tasting sandwich around, that is only offered to the people of Jacksonville.  Something different than a hamburger, that was frozen then cooked thrown in a bun, in mass quanity. What's really sad is Sunbeam Rd. could be next, for we can not keep up with the high cost of what it takes to remain open. Which may put us  back to basics of University Blvd. and Beach Blvd.  But what really concerns me, and Nic also, if we don't pull out of this high cost of products, high over heads, that is tearing down small family businesses and our Lubi lover customers finacially struggling themself, is you may not ever get to pass on to the next generation, the unique LUBI or Mozza LUBI sandwich, again.  I have been told by a majority of our loyal LUBI customers, that they have had to, brown bag lunch from home and eat peanut butter and jelly or bologna sandwiches , to just have the chance one day a week, to come to LUBI's as treat out. We thank all of you "for remembering, the taste you won't forget". Best to all and may our good LORD shine blessings on all of us. NINA

HELLO LUBI LOVERS: RE: FB game neighbor

It has come to my attention that FB game players have been asking  for LUBI'S to be your neighbor. With that in mind, we have additional facebook page with the orange Lubi's on white back ground, as our game neighbor request page. This is strictly for games only. At this time we could use your help to be our neighbor inorder to get this going. For right now we will except friend invites/ neighbor request for CAFE WORLD, FARMTOWN and FARMVILLE. So,  you  true FB gamers that have been asking for us to be your Neighbor find us there. Please do not send neighbor invites to LUBI'S  orange/ black profile. Thank you, hoping this will assist you with more game fun .



     Wow, Did time fly by again!  Is it we at LUBI'S are getting older or does time just ,"FLY BY".  Here's lastest update, the economy has taken a toll on everyone, including us. Yet, we are hanging on for dear life to see our way through. Just couldn't imagine life without a MozzA LUBI.

 We were going down memory lane, remembering when there were 2 LUBI'S side by side, the sandwich shop and the restraunt. In those days we served different meals on real plates, waitresses and some awesome spaghetti. So, on Friday's at University location from 4-8pm" to go " a spaghetti dinner w/ salad, garlic bread for $5. At Sunbeam location we have the lubigetti rider(pita) talk about a taste you'll never forget , it sounds a bit strange but, WOW!, it's awesome. So, stop by, an travel memory lane with us. See you soon.

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