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     FEB 2010

HELLO LUBI LOVERS                                                      Feb 2010

     Time to update:

Ms. LUBI she's doing good, Nic and I (Nina) keep her very busy. Nic brings her to work Mon - Fri, she starts out her day greeting LUBI customers at A1A. Then she visits the Beach Blvd location for lunch. On Saturday and Sunday she visits her University Blvd / Sunbeam locations, she still  has the" iron fist" of all 4 locations.

As for Nic and I (Nina) we are like everyone else, holding  our own with this economy. We truly thank all of our LUBI LOVER customers for your business. Yes, it's true that Nic and I are running 2 locations each. I must tell you, Nic and I (brother and sister)

are very much in touch with each other not, only with our  Mother Ms. LUBI, also, with all 4 locations. We talk to each other several times everyday with LUBI matters, we still make decisions together concerning each of our 4  location. It seems that the more our mother Ms. Lubi, steps more  into retirement the closer we get, with day to day LUBI matters. Our mother taught us many things, one of the most important ones is that " 2 minds" are better than one. She sure is right about that!! As customers, we appreciate all comments. but, should you find something is a little different from one location than another, don't be alarmed. We are tring to conserve, try new ideas, remove some and do what it takes to be here with our Unique LUBI  sub, that is only offered in Jacksonville, Fl  since 1969. Our LUBI subs are the only thing we don't experiment with, it is the other items we tend to test ex. cold sandwiches like ham, turkey, ect,  through the rough economy. Many customers tell us you can get a burger or cold sandwich anywhere but, a Lubi is in its own category, "one of a kind". So, with that Nic and I (Nina) are trying to be here for YOU, our LUBI LOVERS. Competing against all the big guys like Burger King Wendy's Big Mc D, ect. with all there specials and giveaways makes it  truly hard on a small family business like us. With that, on behalf of the "LUBI FAMILY" we thank all our LUBI LOVERS, Jacksonville and other customers, that still come from far away. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the opportunity to be here for YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 

As always, looking forward to seeing you this year and years to come.


Thank you Jacksonville for 40 years. See our newsletter for our 40 year celebration Special!!!!

Wow! to our LUBI LOVER  customers I do apologise for taking so long to update, the last 2 years have been very busy. 

Some of you have ask how Ms. LUBI is doing ? She is now 80, Nic and I, Nina are running the shops as we have in the past but, without our mothers assistance for she's  fully retired . Yet, she is very active and enjoying her days off. 

Look forward to seeing you this year and years to come.


 Ringing in the New Year 2008

 We at Lubi's had a unique advantage. We also ran the Ambulance service in the back of the property. The jokes from many of our customers went from "feed um full and haul them away" to "it's time for the red light special", "boy oh, boy wow! those hot peppers, I am on fire", and on and on. But back to New Years Eve, we the employees of both Lubi's and Ambulance service with friends and some of our customers would gather around, for at the strike of 12, we would sound off the sirens and beep the horns to be heard for miles. Those were the days.

     To all our Lubi customers may this New Year 2008, be prosperous, bring you joy of great memories and a chance to come by and start the New Year out right, with a Lubi of your choice, made your special way and with a cold fresh cherry limeade, to put out the fire.

Happy New Year to all!

                                                Our First Christmas 1969

The excitement was in the air, as we began the decoration of the front windows of the old building, that sat on a dual lane road. The cows were grazing across the street of Univ. Blvd W., with their heads hung over the fence. We ran back and forth to the Times Square hardware store to buy plugs, lights and extension cords. For, there was no Lowe's / Home Depot not even Scotty's. We Played "Jingle Bell Rock" on the juke box over and over again, till we knew every word. Hearing the song "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas" by Andy, knowing we lived in Jacksonville, Florida. The chances of snow, was nil !!!!

The joy of seeing our customers dressed in holiday spirit was inspiring. Betty, would be bright and red one day and the next day dressed all in green. Aunt Julia, well, we all knew deep inside she had the spirit, in spite of her tone. Bill and Lu were setting up a table of egg nog and cookies for our customers. As for Nic and I, you guessed it, we were cutting those crates of peppers, across the back wall and to the sky. For, at Christmas time the jars of peppers were selling faster than we could cut.

Tell us about your Holiday Lubi story via e-mail

To all of our Lubi customers from all of us "Merry Christmas", "Happy Chanukah", "Happy Kwanzaa" and "Happy Holidays" to all. We're looking forward to seeing you next year !!!!!

38 great years

 Yes it is true, our mother known as Ms. Lubi is semi retired. Those who have been on the Lubi ride for 38 years know customer satisfaction is our priority!!!

Looking back, it always seems like yesterday, Lu & Bill were not Ms. Lubi & Mr. Bi, yet. The family owned a small building located at the corner of University Blvd. W & St. Augustine Rd.  Remembering our mom saying "I just want a hobby, putting a sandwich shop in there." Nic & I were at school at Landon Jr. High. Betty had just moved back from Maine with 3 little children Marcy, Marc & Anthony and Aunt Julia was looking for a change of employment. Lu & Bill decided "let's do it!!" taking the first 2 letters of their name. So there it was the "Lubi" family began.

It is hard to believe it has been 38 years, this November. Over the years, we have made many memories with our customers from 1969 to 2007. Hard working men and women, with half to an hour for lunch, stopping in for a Lubi.  Moms with little ones on the way that grew up and tell us stories of their parents and even their grandparents bringing them for a Lubi.  The students of Wolfson, Englewood and Bolles, that rival over sports. Yet, at Lubi's, sitting at tables close to each other, was neutral territory.

Memories how precious they really are, Nic used to drive us to Landon Jr. High in one of the old ambulance station wagons and when we moved on to Wolfson he drove us in an old Cadillac hearse.  Remembering the juke box in the dining area, customers playing and singing along with the songs. Boy wishing we still had that juke box now.  The days of fresh made donuts and Kibbee, today stored away we still have the giant mixing machine.   Wow! Those crates of all kinds of peppers stacked across and seemed like to the sky, we use to cut by hand to make our special blend of hot peppers.

This month of November we are saluting our employees that have been with us for many years and most of all you our Lubi lovers, you are more than customers, over the years you have become friends and family to us.  Well, for us 38 years x 365 days, we the family of Lubi's have a lot of memories. So, next time you stop into one of our 4 locations jot down on paper, the when and how of your precious memory of Lubi's and we will post some of them on our website.

  To all of our customers near and a far, thank you!!!!!!  Nina, Ms. Lubi's daughter









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